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A Message From Andrew…

  • Have you bought home study courses and never done anything with them? 
  • Have you been to weekend seminars and got home wondering where to start?
  • ​Are you tired of spending nights and weekends watching webinars and youtube videos trying to figure out the best way to get started in REI or to the next level? 
That is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic! It is NOT going to give you the education and training you need to become a successful investor.

If you are ready to stop buying courses and start buying houses, I have the ultimate affordable proven opportunity for you to finally make a change for the better and start making money!

We have updated and Re-Launched The Goins Group Inner Circle Jump Start 8-week implementation training and coaching.

For 8 weeks we will break down our real estate business and unpack each and every part of the business so you can implement exactly what we do in your own business.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned investor  looking to scale your business this 8 week coaching and mentoring program will give you everything you need to get started or take your business to the next level!

This is an opportunity to go behind the scenes and not only learn exactly what we do but what my entire team does on a daily basis closing 10-15 deals a month!

And you may be thinking that it takes a very large team of multiple acquisition managers and virtual assistants to close 10-15 deals a month but that’s not true. I am the only acquisition manager and I only have one virtual assistant. We also have a setter, disposition manager, closing manager and marketing manager and thats it!

It's all you need to run a million dollar a year real estate business.

    Here is what you will learn and be able to do when you are accepted as an Inner Circle Jump Start Student...

    WEEK 1 : Picking a Market

    Picking the right market is just the beginning. Not only do you need to focus on the right market with minimal competition but the right types of properties as well. 

    You will learn everything you need to know to analyze and pick the right market and property type and price range with minimal competition and maximum profits. Unless you learn to pick hidden markets with lots of potential deals and minimal completion then you will be fighting other investors with every lead you get! 

    Homework assignment will be given so you can pick your dream market (even if you already have a market) and be ready for next weeks training.

    WEEK 2 : Pulling Your List And Skip Tracing

    You have picked your market and know the niche you will market to, now its time to pull your list (the least expensive way of course). Without a list you have no-one to market to. 

    In my 34 years of experience I have narrowed down my marketing list to a very specific target market. I want to make sure that everyone I talk to is a potential seller with a potential property I want to buy. 

    With my personal specific list criteria you will now be able to generate the exact same leads that I do in buying 10-20 houses a month!

    WEEK 3 : Marketing For Motivated Sellers

    This week we start generating motivated seller leads. This is the beginning of getting paid in 4-8 weeks from now! 

    Your marketing strategies will depend on two things. Your marketing budget and the amount of time you can put into your real estate business. 

    You will learn how to find off market properties in hidden markets whether you have a marketing budget or not. You will discover how to generate motivated seller leads with as little as 3-5 hours a week time invested! 

    There are dozens of ways to find motivated seller but if you have minimal time and budget then you must use the strategies that will give you the most return for your efforts. You will also know exactly what infrastructure you will need to have set up to get ready for the leads to start coming in.

    WEEK 4 : Qualifying Sellers And Making Offers

    This week is a really BIG ONE. This week we will go over my One Call Close Script and handling objections with sellers. This is where the money is made! 

    You will learn how to quickly qualify a seller and eliminate the ones that you cannot make any money on. You will learn the three different types of offers to make on virtually every property and all three are big money makers! You will also learn to overcome objections with sellers and how to handle a hostile seller. 

    This is must have training to maximizing your limited time to work on your real estate business. 

    You will walk away being able to make confident offers over the phone on the first phone call knowing that you have made a money making deal! You will even learn how to renegotiate deals after you have them under contract. My students and I have gotten huge discounts by renegotiating deals before closing and now you will be able to also. 

    If you do this one thing you will buy 2-3 times as many properties as your competition!

    WEEK 5 : Analyzing And Valuation

    95% of investors are a one trick pony. They make a low ball cash offer and thats it. 

    I am going to walk you through my 4 different ways that I analyze deals and make offers. This will allow you to buy more different types of properties earning more money than most investors.

    WEEK 6 : Paperwork

    This week we will go over all of the documents you need to run your business. 

    It has taken me over 34 years of investing to come up with the documents I now use in our business. You will be able to save yourself time and money. 

    We will go over each document line by line and I will explain every item and why it is important. You will then know exactly how to fill out each document and explain it to a seller or buyer with confidence so you can close the sale!

    WEEK 7 : Marketing For Motivated Buyers

    In this training You will learn our exact SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) that we use to market every property and build a huge buyers list. 

    There are many ways to build your buyers list and market properties however we are going to show you the most critical ones that are also free! 

    Now you will be able to get your properties sold in no time and build a huge list of hungry motivated buyers just like I have done!

    WEEK 8 : Qualifying Buyers And Selling Houses Fast!

    It’s not enough to have a hungry list of buyers anymore. You must also be able to convert them to actually “buy” a property from you. 

    In this training we will show you how to qualify your buyers and close them over the phone having them buy a property from you before ever looking at it. You will also learn to handle objections closing your buyer on the first call. 

    You will have our exact script to use for yourself as well.

    And Thats Not All! 
    When you apply today and if accepted,
    you will also receive…

      All Of My Forms And Documents

      You will receive access to my entire internal library of scripts, contracts, checklist, inspection forms, SOPs and documents we use in our business every day. 

      All of our documentation has been tested and proven for many many years and updated for todays market conditions. 

      You will now be able to duplicate my entire business in your own market!

      Previously Recorded Live Weekly Q & A Calls

      These live calls have been previously recorded, if you have questions on the current week's module that were not asked on the Q & A please submit them to with the subject line IC JumpStart question.

      Each week on Thursday (after you have had time to start implementing the training from Tuesday) you will have a live Q & A call personally with me. 

      I will be there to answer any questions that you have and help you implement your systems, processes and procedures to get your real estate business up and running. 

      This live coaching call each week is your safety net to insure you are doing things right to get the maximum results in the shortest period of time!

      Real Estate Day Trading Course

      In addition to all of this you will also receive the home study course Real Estate Day Trading Mastery! 
      This course alone sells for $997. 

      And Thats Not All! 
      When you apply today and if accepted, 
      you will also get as a bonus…


      Live Property Meeting

      Each week my team and I have a property meeting where we go over every deal in our pipeline to determine the status and what we need to do to push it through to closing and getting paid. If you have never worked with a team that has 20-30 or more deals in the pipeline at any given time then this is a must see training. Whether you have a team or are a solo investor, this will show you the good, the bad and the ugly of real world real estate investing! Learn how to handle and solve problems as they come up and get your deals closed and get paid!


      Live Property Inspection

      You will come along live on multiple property inspections to evaluate properties after they have been put under contract. Every property that goes under contract gets evaluated in person whether by you or a boots on the ground person. This is NOT just a property walk throughIn this training of multiple property inspections, you will see exactly what to look for when you (or your boots on the ground person) visits a property. You will learn what kinds of questions to ask the seller to bring out the truth about a properties condition. You will also discover how to price condition a seller for a possible renegotiation of the price. And most important, you will learn how to avoid the pitfalls of a property that cannot be sold. These are things that cannot be taught in a seminar or on a webinar. You can also use this on site training video to train your boots on the ground person when investing virtually.


      Training With My Lead Manager

      Every successful real estate business needs someone to manage the leads, whether it is you or an assistant. In this training, our long time virtual assistant Donna, who lives in the Philippines, will share exactly what she does to manage the incoming seller leads insuring that no lead is left behind. She will also show you how to re-engage sellers, reviving old leads and turning them into “found money” deals. You can use this training to train your own virtual lead manager just like I have.


      Training With My Setter

      I personally only talk to sellers after my setter has gathered the property details and seller motivation information. There are some things you cannot learn from a script or listening to live calls. In this training you will learn many strategies and techniques to build rapport, getting your prospect to like you and trust you in the first 30 seconds. This training alone will take years off of your learning curve in becoming a professional phone closer! All without having to learn any uncomfortable high pressure sales tactics. Do not talk to any seller before watching this training. You can also use it to train your own setter which could be a virtual assistant, spouse or child or any other person as well.


      Training With My Marketing Manager

      In this special bonus training, you will learn how to manage the marketing of all your properties. Marketing your properties does two things. First it builds your buyers list and second it sells houses. You must do both at once to be able to sell all your houses fast once you start scaling and closing more than 1-3 deals a month. My in house marketing manager will share with you everything she does to build a huge buyers list and get our properties sold in days or even hours, not weeks or months! You can also use this to train your own virtual assistant.


      Training With My Disposition Manager

      You can’t make any money buying unless you can sell them fast. In this training you will learn from my rockstar disposition manager that sells all of our properties! She will show you exactly how she qualifies and closes buyers over the phone, selling houses to buyers that have never even seen the house! Once you learn our specific strategies in selling our houses fast, it will become a simple process for you when you follow our model. You must watch this training before getting on the phone with any buyers.


      Training With My Closing Manager

      No one gets paid until the deal closes. In this training you will learn first hand some of the pitfalls and challenges you will have to deal with in order to get your deals closed. There is a real reason people call them “ motivated” sellers. Some of the properties have issues that have to be worked through before closing. The more you know about how to handle these issues that come up, the more deals you will close and the more money you will make. You will learn many tips and strategies we use to close deals and get paid that others would walk away from!


      Live Calls With Cash Sellers

      I have hand picked multiple live seller calls where you can listen in on my setter and myself to see exactly how we handle different types of sellers. Some are very short with us, some are very friendly and some are very analytical. In these recordings you will learn how to handle each type of person and get them to accept your offer. Not only that, but you will learn how to qualify, disqualify and build instant rapport getting them to like you and trust you which increases your percentages of accepted offers. Don’t worry if you have no sales skills, you will not need them when you use our techniques. Do not get on the phone until you listen in and learn these techniques!


      Live Calls With Seller Financing Sellers

      This technique alone will get you 25-35% more deals! Not only that but it will put you in the top 5% of all real estate investors as most do not know how to buy on terms, much less do it well. In these live calls you will learn how I buy properties at full retail on terms with no money down and low interest rates. Not only that but it is a little known secret that seller finance terms deals actually sell for a higher profit margin than a simple wholesale deal. And, these deals are the easiest to sell of any other type of deal! No exception! This alone is worth the price of admission!


      Live Calls Renegotiating Deals With Sellers

      Not every deal will be able to be closed at the original negotiated price. In these live calls you will learn first hand exactly how to renegotiate your contract at very deep discounts. We have renegotiated deals up to 50%-75% less than the original contract price. Without knowing what to say and how to say it you will stumble, stammer and not know how to handle an irate seller. Or even worse you will lose the deal all together. Make renegotiating your deals a very non threatening and successful process when you listen to these live calls. Never lose another deal again because your initial offer and contract were too high!


      Live Calls With Buyers

      I have also hand picked some buyer calls that will show you how to qualify every potential buyer within a few seconds. You be able to instantly build rapport with your buyer and turn them into a motivated buyer that will be anxiously waiting for you to let them buy a house from you! Not only that but you will be able to create an atmosphere of scarcity and a sense of urgency to buy a property from you before someone else gets it!


      Our Exclusive Score Card

      Do you ever have trouble staying on task and motivated to do so? We we have a solution for that too! We have created our exclusive Score Card that will keep you accountable and on track with your daily and weekly task. It is like a daily and weekly checklist to help hold you accountable to yourself. Our Score Card is designed to help you stay on track for the next 12 weeks to insure your desired results. After 12 weeks it will become habit and you can do it on your own.
      And Thats Not All! 
      Total Value: $19,997
      8 Weeks Of Live Training!            =$4,000.00
      Library Of Company Documents! =$3,000.00
      8 Weeks Of Live Q & A Calls        =$4,000.00
      Real Estate Day Trading Mastery  =$997.00

      8 Weeks Of Live Training!
      Larrys Library Of Company Documents!
      8 Weeks Of Live Q & A Calls 
      Real Estate Day Trading Mastery 



      Live Property Meeting                         =$500
      Live Property Inspection                      =$1,500
      Training With My Lead Manager           =$750
      Training With My Setter                       =$750
      Training With My Marketing Manager    =$750
      Training With My Disposition Manager   =$750
      Training With My Closing Manager        =$750
      Live Calls With Cash Sellers                  =$500
      Live Calls With Terms Sellers                =$500
      Live Calls Renegotiating                       =$500
      Live Calls With Buyers                          =$500
      Score Card                                          =$250
      Total Real Value:                                =$19,997
      Price:                                                 =$8,997
      Early Bird Discount:                             =$3,997

      Live Property Meeting
      Live Property Inspection
      Training With My Lead Manager 
      Training With My Setter
      Training With My Marketing Manager
      Training With My Disposition Manager
      Training With My Closing Manager
      Live Calls With Cash Sellers
      Live Calls With Terms Sellers
      Live Calls Renegotiating
      Live Calls With Buyers
      Score Card

      Total Real Value:



      Pricing (With Bonuses) 
      • YES, I understand that the 8 weeks of LIVE training are exclusively with Larry Goins.
      • YES, I understand that each week there will be an additional LIVE Q & A exclusively with Larry as a follow up after the training each week.
      • ​YES, I acknowledge that if I apply and I am accepted, I have access to the investment needed for this program.
      • ​YES, I understand that before I am accepted into the program I will personally talk to Larry to get all of my questions answered and to make sure it is a good fit for both parties. 
      • ​YES, I understand that if I apply on time I will receive every bonus listed on this page.
      • ​YES, I understand that once I apply and interview with Larry personally, if we both agree that it is a good fit, my tuition will be due upon acceptance.
      • YES, I understand that if I am already a Larry Goins Inner Circle or Partner Program Student I am entitled to a discount. Call Now, No Application Required for IC & PP Students (!-800-LARRY-GO)
      • YES, I understand that there are no current plans to offer this program in the future and this may be the only opportunity I have to take advantage of this special limited opportunity!  
      See & Hear From Real Students 
      How The Goins Group Has Helped Their REI Business!
      How many success stories do you have to hear before you create your own?
        You don't have to have age to retire…
        You need MONEY!
          Retirement isn’t an age, its a dollar amount.
          Apply Now and I will help you!

            Real Deals!

            We currently close 10-15 up to 20 + deals a month. 
            You will learn all of our systems, processes and procedures including each and every document we use in our business to close up to 20 deals a month!

            Below are some of our recent verifiable transactions with the purchase price, sale price and our profit.

              418 Palmetto St, 29720
              10 Houses 6 Lots

              Purchase Price: $100,000
              Sell Price: $159,900
              Profit: $59,900

              112 Jessica Ln, 28043

              Purchase Price: $65,000
              Sell Price: $115,000
              Profit: $50,000

              424 Childs St, 28092
              2 Houses

              Purchase Price: $65,000
              Sell Price: $81,000
              Profit: $16,000

              5879 Hudson Chapel Rd, 28609

              Purchase Price: $22,500
              Sell Price: $49,900
              Profit: $27,400

              Are you tired of all the latest gadgets, gizmos and software promising shortcuts to success in real estate?

              511 Canopy Ct, 29710

              Purchase Price: $100,000
              Sell Price: $137,000
              Profit: $37,000

              7747 Reeps Grove Church Rd. 28168

              Purchase Price: $50,000
              Sell Price: $84,900
              Profit: $34,900

              19 Rose St, 29745

              Purchase Price: $15,000
              Sell Price: $49,000
              Profit: $34,000

              1819 5th Ave NW, 28601

              Purchase Price: $100,000
              Sell Price: $124,900
              Profit: $24,900

              The fastest shortcut to success in real estate is the day you realize there is no shortcut.

              1513 NC -108, 28139

              Purchase Price: $78,000
              Sell Price: $99,900
              Profit: $21,900

              205 N Main St, 28073

              Purchase Price: $25,000
              Sell Price: $49,900
              Profit: $24,900

              212 Marshall St, 29730

              Purchase Price: $20,000
              Sell Price: $39,900
              Profit: $19,900

              1306 Kings Rd, 28150

              Purchase Price: $20,000
              Sell Price: $39,900
              Profit: $19,900

              Every level of income requires a different you! 
              To change your life you have to change your life! 
              If you want a different income then YOU have to change.

              Have you ever bought a home study course or gone to an event and get home and say where in the world do I start?
              Well those days are over. I am going to make it so simple for you. You will never have to worry about that again.
              I'm not going to show you what worked 1, 2 or more years ago.

              I'm going to train you on what is working right now in todays market.

              It is exactly what I do and how I do it!
              We literally created the system that I sought after for years.
              I had a student that told me he spent his 30’s fixing his 20’s and then his 40’s fixing his 30’s. Please do not let that happen to you!
                Have you ever heard that the only place success comes before work is the dictionary? 

                Well they didn’t tell you it didn’t have to be YOUR work. If you were to recreate this on your own, you could easily spend tens of thousands of dollars. 

                The good news is I have already done the work for you. It’s all done!
                  Have you ever heard of a psychic winning the lottery? 

                  I didn’t think so. There’s no free lunch. If it were easy everybody would be doing it.

                  I guess what I'm saying is in order to have something you never had before you have to do something you never done before.

                  Fill out the form to apply for this 
                  rare opportunity to literally work side by 
                  side with me on YOUR business!

                  If you won't do it for yourself, do it for your family.
                  Our system is designed to work full-time, part-time or spare time.
                  You can make money or you can make excuses but you can’t make both.

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